Welcome to the United Taekwondo Alliance! Your third party validation group who offers business, travel and events. We are looking for leaders in all areas to help unite all together through friendship and networking.

Welcome to the

United Taekwondo Alliance

The leader in Martial Arts networking!

UTA World

Tradition with a modern approach

Why Choose UTA?

We are the leading Networking Organization in the World! Belong to a International group yet maintain your club independence. Be part of a open minded, forward thinking modern organization today!

We are looking for Independent clubs and groups to network with us!

The UTA is lead by Grand Master Jason Wadley and his team of senior grade black belts. The UTA offers:

Business coaching, training in Taekwondo, event and more.

Training for retention

Online training

Time restrictions? Train online with Grand Mater Wadley. Book your appointment today!

Taekwon-Do, Business or general life coaching. Leadership LAB monthly meetings will bring idea's, tips and problem solving to your business.


Join or host a seminar with GM wadley. Seminars held throughout the world.


Training camps are a great was to infuse new ideas, new methods into your club and sylibus. Up your skills, have fun and meet new friends.

Join today!

We offer:

  1. International events

  2. National Tournaments.

  3. Local, Regional events

  4. Access to online training

  5. Certifications

  6. Business coaching

  7. Seminars

  8. High Dan promotions

  9. Awards, Hall of Fame

  10. Executive Black Belt Program

  11. Full marketing team

  12. Opportunities to network

Join the forward thinking organization that

help's you and your club grow!

Our Services

Something for everyone

Taekwon-Do Training

We build story's! Events such as camps, seminars, tournaments and international travel create excitement and help a student become a leader. Join now and start your adventures with us.


UTA Offers the best in professional martial arts school coaching. Allow UTA Level Up to be your personal coach and watch your school grow!


Certifications in all areas of growth to help your business stand out from the crowed.


Each year the UTA host both a fall nationals and a Grand Nationals. Attend qualifying events or host your own. Use your own tournament system to give rewards of committing in a larger event.

Master's Camp

Black Belts, Instructors and Masters will have a opportunity each year to attend technical training with GM Wadley.

Learn first hand from top leaders in the industry. Take new knowledge and skills back your school for higher retention and your own legacy of growth.


Needing to test or move up? The UTA offers high Dan test for those who meet the requirements. Gradings offered up to 9th Dan.

One may join and retain ranks from previous organizations without having to test with UTA.

UTA Dan gradings are strictly optional.

+1 844-537-0064