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Use UTA events, programs, equipment, training and certification to earn rebates, increase your retention, build your resume and business profile.

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The UTA has over one hundred network members in the United State and over one hundred more world wide.

The UTA is affiliated with the ITF Union - 70 countries

Kukkiwon - 283 Countries

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Why Choose UTA?

We are a third party validation, training and certification organization. Choose a la carte of our many benefits offered to our members schools and clubs.

Benefits include;

1. Third party rank validation

2. Monthly Leadership Lab business

3. Access to Taekwondo training

4. High Dan promotions

5. Free access to Go High Level CRM

6. Participate in annual Zoom training for your students (Seminar Fee stays in the School)

7. Territorial rightsTravel opportunities.

8. Annual National TournamentBusiness consulting offered.

9. CRM Management offered.

10. Facebook marketing offered.

11. Private Zoom Taekwondo training offered)

12. UTA patches (optional)

13. Display UTA Flag (Optional)

14. Have full autonomy

15. Use of Color belt gup certificate (Optional)

16. Use the UTA student insurance program (Optional)

Option #1 - Individual Membership / Ronan

The UTA offers membership to students, clubs and association groups. See below details.

#1 - Student Membership $25 p/y

12 Month membership

Passport License Book

UTA Patch

Access to all UTA events

Discount on testings

Attend Semi Annual Zoom Training

Option #2 - Schools (Over 100 students) $149 monthly subscription

#2 - Schools $149 p/m

Start earning today!

  1. Tournaments

  2. Seminars

  3. Zoom training for students.

  4. Merchandise.

  5. Lead magnets eBook.

  6. Save by using the UTA official marketing teams, Students management and lead management software.

  7. Attend high level training and increase your retention in advanced students.

  8. Learn, add and use new programs UTA offers to help increase your bottom line.

Option #3 - Clubs (Under 100 Students)

$99 monthly subscription

Option #4 - Clubs under 20 students

$49 monthly subscription

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