Looking for a third party Certification group?

The UTA is young and invotive. Our leaders are open minded and cutting edge in the realm of netowkring.


The world independent world network. The UTA offers services help schools, clubs and association grow.

Join the leading team in assocaition networking.


High Dan Test and promotions up to 9th Dan



Training Camps

Online training for easy access

Rebates program

Travel oppertunites

and more....


  • Offer your students events and training

  • Advance your own training

  • Earn higher degrees

  • Grow your business

  • Partnerships available

  • Travel

  • Remain independent and chose your level of involvement

  • Support UTAs growth expansion

  • Be featured on UTA Youtube channel


Why Associations should join

The UTA can act as a umbrella for small groups that is not able to act on a large scale. Use the network and already hosted events to help grow your own association or group. Utilize a larger network to promote your own brand.

Association benifits

  • Fly your own colors

  • Attend or host UTA events

  • White wall all services

  • Partner with a larger network

  • High Dan credentials

  • Offer your group all services as a world organization

  • Help your clubs grow with business training

  • Instructor certifications

  • Be recognized on a larger scale

  • Access world travel opportunities

  • Host your own events

  • Partnership opportunities

  • Advance your own skills or help add to UTA's training for others

  • Territorial protection for your schools

  • Lock in your schools as your members as so they may only gain UTA access through you as long as they remain a member of your group.

  • Help grow the UTA network

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